The Altar of Aria

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"They say mage craft was born here. Yet despite all their arcane knowledge the people who built the great floating Altars disappeared, leaving behind a few scattered ruins and burnt books. Even so, it is hoped that humanity can learn from this lost society. It is for this reason that Aria is still being defended."

Map Details

In Sky Altar, players have the ability to fly if they are on the big fan in the middle of the map. Players can use this feature to take the building units or to transport from one side to the other quickly.


  • Two players can focus on one side, Two players on the other side.
  • Place multiple defensive units, such as the Blockade infront of the nexus, behind of which there are pyromancer or Bowling Tower.
  • Deadeye can easily kill groups of monsters together using Tears of Grief, be sure to take advantage of that.