Early Access Version


  • Major re-work of Deadeye. Replaced his grenade launcher and machine gun by hand-grenade and a Duo-shotgun skill. He will be positioned as a mid-range shotgun hero.

Ash, Ember knight

  • Renamed his ability (Q) from Fissure to Strike of Ember and increased the damage from 3600 to 7200
  • Renamed his ability (E) from Torrent to Abyssal Fire and increased the damage from 2700 to 4800
  • After casting Abyssal Fire, Ash will have increased damage for a certain amount of time. (Deploy in Early Access)

Samson III

  • Ki Blast will now deal 600 base damage, originally was 0.

Monster difficulty

  • Reduced the ratio in health multiplayer scaling of monsters and greater demons. Meaning that monster's health is lower when there are less player in-game.

User Interface

  • Servers can be now pinged in browse game menu.
  • Game that has started will now show as grey and indicated "Started".
  • You can now see how many online Hell Warders in game.
  • Stabilized & reduced workload of the Host.
  • Added Greater demon spawn notification
  • Re-worked Nexus under attack and greater demon spawn point icon
  • Added online-player number
  • Added Global chatroom by pressing F2


  • Removed residual sound after muted from Moloch and Fire Imp
  • Added spawn sound effect for Greater Demons

Network issue:

  • Fixed fail to login steam and login into a public account, you will now prompt a message asking you to make sure steam is online.
  • Improved the stability of leave party, kick player and select character

Performance issue:

  • Fixed numerous memory leak issue which caused game to stutter