Early Access Version

Patch v0.3 is finally here!

Hell Warders gain experience every match. Wardens now level up with experience and obtain powerful perks that enhance gameplay and define playstyle. 

The Demon Army has recruited new species such as the overweight Zailur and spear-wielding Turuhs.The Demon Horde has also learned some tricks too, check out the all new Hard mode!


  • Re-polish map Lava with upgraded graphic quality & mechanics
  • Release of map Doomed Village
  • Included Tutorial map


  • Added tutorial stage
  • Added Alpha content monster (Chaos Fat Walker & Chaos Mage)
  • Added different difficulty settings

Leveling system

  • Finally the player leveling system is here! The player will gain experience after finishing a map or gain partial experience if the player was defeated.
  • The player will get a 3-5% increase in Hero & Tower Health and Base Damage per level

Perk system

  • Added Perk system for each character, detail please visit Perk page
  • 'Victory reward (cosmetics)!!!! (Will be deployed in later Early Access stage)

Difficulty settings

  • As some of the players mentioned, the game is being too easy or difficult, therefore we have added difficulty settings which reward increasing amount of

User Interface

  • Re-worked character selection screen
  • Re-worked lobby creation & join game menu


Network issue:

Performance issue: